A well-equipped and modern infrastructure designed to foster an optimal learning environment for aspiring healthcare professionals.

Class Room

A clean, well-kept room with appropriate resources that appears comfortable, light, and well-aired, with comfortable seating arrangements. Each classroom has an LCD, a green board, a lecture stand, a table, and chairs for teachers. Each classroom is spacious and conducive, where learning takes place uninterrupted by distractions.


The library is a center for academic activities. We have a spacious, well-ventilated reading room with comfortable seating arrangements for a peaceful learning environment and resources available to students, faculty, and staff for their curricular, research, and general information needs. It has a wide range of textbooks, reference books, national and international journals, and magazines with high-speed internet facilities. We have reprographic services to ensure the availability and effective accessibility of library resources to students and the faculty. More books and journals are upgraded annually to facilitate students’ learning experiences.

Nursing Labs

Nursing labs are designed to allow students to practice skills and techniques in safe, controlled, and supervised mock clinical environments.

Nursing Foundation Lab

To make the students excellent at nursing practice skills, we have a comprehensive nursing foundation lab where teachers demonstrate nursing procedures to the students. This Foundation Lab is equipped with models, simulators, couches with mattresses, charts, mannequins, various instruments, and articles to provide hands-on experience. This would help the nursing students be exposed to the actual field with more confidence.

Nutrition Lab

The nutrition lab is well established with all the facilities, including gas stoves with centralized gas connections, a refrigerator and microwave, a variety of SS and ceramic articles, and vessels for the preparation of various food items. Food preparation for the patients is as important as medicine, and students are taught to prepare a therapeutic diet. Students also use the Nutritional Lab to modify recipes to meet special dietary requirements. They also learn the art of selecting, storing, preparing, and serving diets for the sick by modifying them according to various disease conditions.

Pre-Clinical Lab

The preclinical laboratory is intended for the purpose of helping the students capture knowledge regarding the normal structure and functions of various human body systems. The preclinical laboratory is well equipped with models such as the adult human articulated skeleton, adult skull, pelvis, heart with large blood vessels, eye with different sections, ear with different sections, a full set of a disarticulated adult human skeleton, skin cross-section, circulatory and digestive system models, etc., specimens, and subject-related charts.

Community Health Lab

This lab is equipped with charts, posters, models, health education materials, puppets, performed for health assessment, a family folder, and community bags containing all the articles to perform various procedures during their home visits. So the students can learn home visiting techniques, conduct projects, exhibitions, medical camps, mass health education programs, etc. to provide comprehensive care to the public.

Maternal and Child Health Lab

The MCH lab is well-equipped with delivery mannequins, pediatric procedure mannequins, infant CPR mannequins, maternal pelvis, fetal skull, various gynecological instruments, charts, models, age-wise play materials, and articles for procedure demonstrations like assessment of the antenatal mother, intranatal and postnatal mother, newborn care, and growth and development of all age groups. The MCH lab helps the students acquire knowledge and develop hands-on training in maternal and child care in an efficient manner.

Computer Lab

We have a spacious computer lab with the latest software and broadband Internet facilities available for all computers. UPS facilities are available for backup. Students are encouraged to utilize it to the maximum for their academic-related activities.


Audiovisual aids are those devices that are used in classrooms to encourage the teaching and learning process and make it easier and more interesting. This lab is fully equipped with various electronic devices such as LCD projectors,over-head projectors, TVs, VCRs, CD players, tape recorders, charts, models, posters, and different types of boards like bulletin boards, flannel boards, etc., which can provide high-tech educational media for effective teaching and learning.

Multi-Purpose Hall

A well-ventilated, spacious room with adequate seating capacity and modern amenities is made available. It is used for hosting functions of the college, educational conferences, meetings, etc.

Play Ground

The playground facility is available to conduct various games and sports events. All these promote their physical and psychological well-being and help to develop a healthy competitive spirit.


Separate accommodations are available for boys and girls. Spacious, well-ventilated rooms with comfortable beds, study desks, chairs, and adequate storage space for personal belongings with basic amenities including safe drinking water supply, sanitation, and hot water for each floor and facilities such as a reading room, recreation room, sick room, visitor’s lounge, and telephone facilities are available. The safety and security of the students are given top priority. Adequate security measures are in place, such as 24-hour security personnel, secure doors and locks, and emergency response systems. A well-equipped and hygienic dining hall is available to provide nutritious and healthy meals. Dining halls are equipped with metal tables and chairs, along with all the modern kitchen appliances. Hostels have a 24-hour RO water supply for drinking purposes, and 24-hour tap water is available for domestic purposes.


The college has its own transportation facilities for the students to reach the clinical area on time. Moreover, transport is also available for the students to go on observation visits, educational tours, and picnics.